In an effort to bring you a reliable and reputable offering of equipment and servicing, we have partnered with the team at WA-2! Coffee for our equipment and maintenance program. 

The great thing for you is that you just pay your bills to one provider and we take care of the rest!

We have a full range of brewer offerings from small to large based on the specific needs of your business and we will take the time to work with you to taste and test our coffee until we are satisfied that the output meets our high standard. 

All of our equipment rentals include plumbed-in installation, cleaning with your deliveries, preventative maintenance on specific parts based on the brewer, and a 24/7 technical support phone line should you run into any urgent issues at an inconvenient hour.

Here's a look at our brewer offerings... 


Curtis D500 Drip style Brewer 
Perfect for most medium sized cafes or restaurants. This is our go-to workhorse - classic drip style brewing serves the morning rush and lets you easily change roasts.

Curtis D60 Drip style Brewer (short option)
Perfect for a business in need of a drip-style brewer with limited above-counter space (like low cabinets).

Curtis TP2 Dual Food Service Brewer
Single or double carafe style brewer available. This unit uses 220V power supply for faster recovery time. Ideal for any medium to large size cafe who gets lineups of customers during the morning rush.