Buddhakind is committed to protecting and preserving the environment as much as possible - our coffees originate from the soil of our beautiful earth so we feel we owe it back to Mother Nature to thank her for the fruits she provides to us.

 Ethical Sourcing

All of our coffees are sourced via Direct Trade. Our roasting partner helps us source our beans, while also developing personal relationships with our farmers in third world countries.

 Carbon Neutral Roasting

We proudly roast all our coffees in a carbon neutral facility. It took a little bit extra time to find the right roasting partner who shared our love for the environment... but maybe that's just our hippy roots talking!

 Electric Vehicles

As a local and environmentally friendly company, Buddhakind abides by many measures of sustainability. Our sales team drives around in electric vehicles. Be sure to waive if you see us!

We are committed to doing all we can to preserve our precious world - if you have any additional questions, please fill our our Contact Us form and we’d be happy to answer!