Carefully Crafted. Locally Roasted.


Buddhakind coffee is locally roasted and ensures freshness every time. Our roasters pride themselves on exceptional quality control and ability to scale with demand as the Buddhakind continues to grow. Our starting lineup consists of 4 roasts and a decaf! From lightest to darkest, let's meet the fab five!



Roast Type: Breakfast Blend

Our well-rounded medium roast smiles with bright citrus highlights and hints of chocolate. We'll be surprised if this doesn't make your day a little sweeter.

Origin: A blend of beans from Peru and Brazil.


Inspire Espresso

Roast Type: Medium-Dark Espresso

You can't help but feel inspired by this full-bodied espresso. It's bold, rich in flavour, and comes with hints of caramel.

Origin: The blend of beans from Peru, Nicaragua and Ethiopia.


Full Brazilian

Roast Type: Vienna Medium-Dark Roast

All of the smoothness, none of the pain. Tones of caramel and hazelnut with a velvety finish. Pleases a wide range of coffee drinkers

Origin: A blend from farms in Brazil, more specifically The Espirito Santo Bahia



Roast Type: French Dark Roast

The enlightenment blend is dark roasted and full of flavours with deep, fudgy overtones. It's perfect for dark drinkers who prefer no acidity or bitterness

Origin: A blend from Sumatra (Indonesia), Columbia and Brazil